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Mis-Sold PCP Car Finance?

  • You could be due a Refund of 50% of what you paid 

  • Fast & Easy Process - We will calculate and process your claim for you

  • 100% No Win No Fee - you pay us nothing if your claim is unsuccessful

  • Experts in Car Finance Mis-sold Claims - Trusted by 1,000+ Customers 

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We offer a professional claims management service. You can do the claim directly yourself to the lender for no charge. You can also approach the Financial Ombudsman Service and Financial Services Compensation Scheme for free if you wish for them to review your case, if you have approached your lender first, and it falls within their remit.

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We discuss your refund application only with your car finance lenders

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Size of Claim

Compensation from a mis sold car finance agreements is on average £2,500

Why Make A Car Finance Claim?

Have you ever had a car finance agreement, Personal Contract Plan or Hire Purchase and felt it was unaffordable? We can assist you in finding out whether you can reclaim back interest and charges on your car finance plus 8% statutory interest.


It's very simple. If your car finance provider continuously rolled your loan over from month to month, with or without asking you permission, then unless they completed a full affordability check to see if the loan was right for you, they may have mis-sold that car finance agreement to you in those following months.

Here is the Financial Conduct Authority report on their findings on Motor Finance.

Martin Lewis's Money Saving Expert has covered Mis-sold car finance and more information from Money Saving Expert can be found here.

We have also put together some Frequently Asked Questions about mis-sold car finance here.

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What is the Process?

Take your first step to a refund by starting your claim:

  • Allow us to talk to the Car Finance provider on your behalf

  • We will assess whether you were mis sold your Car Finance (PCP/HP)

  • We will engage the Car Finance Provider to recover any money due

  • We will do this across all your car finance providers whether it's 1 or 10

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What can I claim back?


You can include any of the following charges in a claim:

  • Undisclosed Commission

  • Late Payment Fees

  • Excess Mileage Fees

  • Payment Fees

Do I Qualify For A Car Finance Refund?


  • When you took out your Car Finance agreement were the charges and fees made clear to you?

  • Did you struggle to pay household bills due to the car finance repayments being so large?

  • Were you encouraged to borrow further or to 'roll' your car finance over?

  • Did the car finance company take automatic payments from your account leaving you in financial difficulty?